VLC Media Player – Create and Save Playlist

How to create and save playlist on VLC Media Player in order to be able to play audio or video based on your preference and saving 

A Playlist is a list of audio or video files which can be played sequentially or in a shuffle. They are a group of selected audio or video by a user.

VLC media player can be used to create and save playlist, although other audio or video players can perform this task or function.

Lets start learning How to create and save playlist on VLC Media Player:

1) Launch the VLC Media Player.
2) Press Ctrl + L on your keyboard to go to VLC Media Player Playlist OR Click on View and Select Playlist

VLC Playlist Window

3) Go to the location of the Audio or Video files, drag and drop on the Window OR on the left pane go the location of the audio or file files and select the folder.

VLC Drag and drop Playlist

NOTE: Remember that you can drag and drop any audio or video file from any location and from more than one location.

4) After selecting that is, after dragging and dropping or loading all the audio and video, you want in the playlist.
5) Press Ctrl + A on your keyboard to select all the audio or video files, then Right Click on the selected audio or video file and then click on Save Playlist to File


Right Click on the the Playlist window without selecting the file and click on Save Playlist to File.

Saving Playlist on VLC

6) A window will appear, Save Playlist

VLC Save a Playlist

7) Go the location where You want to save the Playlist, Enter the playlist name, the select the format (default is XSPF playlist, but you could also select either M3U, M3U8 or HTML playlist as Your default format, then click on Save.
8) Thus, You have created and saved a playlist Using VLC Media Player.
9) To launch and listen or watch the playlist, Close the VLC Media Player, Go to the location where the playlist is saved, launch the playlist, and it will begin to play.

Hope with this, You have been able to create and save playlist using the VLC Media Player.

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