VLC Media Player – Show Video Playing in Hour:Minute:Second,Millisecond

How to show Video playing in hour:minute:second,millisecond using VLC Media Player using Jump to Time v2.1


It assist in Subtitle Creation.
Go to the addons page of VLC media Player,
download jump to time v2.1. The Link is http://addons.videolan.org/CONTENT/content-files/156396-Jump%20to%20time%20v2.1.zip
Extract the Extension, it has two files
within it. The Jump to time v2.1.lua and Jump to time v2.1.png

Jump to Time
Go to the install location of VLC media
player usually the C drive.
Open the C drive, Open the Program Files,
Open the  VideoLAN folder, Open the VLC
From the VLC folder, You will see a Folder
name Lua, Open the folder and then open the Extension folder.
Copy the Jump to time v2.1.lua file and paste
in the extension folder.

VLC extensions
Launch the VLC Media Player, on the menu bar,
Click on the View Tab, Click on Jump to Time (Previous Frame) V2.1

VLC View Tab
A dialog will appear.

Jump to Time
Launch or play a video or an audio
10)       When
you press Get time, The actual time is displayed in hour:minute:second,
millisecond by default.

Playing a Video with Jump to Time
11)       You
could also set the time manually by Clicking on Set Time
12)       You
could change the Time format by clicking on Time Format
13)       When
you what to go backward, Click Backward and it will go backward by the amount
of seconds in the box, as of now, it is 2 Seconds.
14)       When
you what to go Forward, Click forward and it will go backward by the amount of
seconds in the box, as of now, it is 2 Seconds
15)       This
extension jump to time will assist one to easily create subtitle or caption

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