GOM Player – Take a Snapshot or Screenshot

 How to take a snapshot, screenshot or capture frames with GOM Player using Keyboard shortcut and Using Right Click
watching a movie or a video and find a spot you will like to have an image of,
Yep. Actually you can take a snapshot, capture frames of the position or take a
screen shot with the GOM Player either using a keyboard shortcut and by right
clicking on GOM Player window.

How to take
screenshot, snapshot, capture frames or perform screen capture with GOM Player

1)    Using Keyboard shortcut
How to Take
Screenshot or snapshot
+ Q: Make snapshot or screenshot, a window, Image output will open, you can
select saved location, the height and width and the format.
Gom Player Image Output
+ G: Advanced Screen Capture, a window, Advanced Screen Capture will open, you
can select saved location, the height and width and the format. You can use
Burst capture and Capture
Gom Player Advanced Screen Capture
+ C: Capture Current Screen (After pressing keyboard shortcut, you will need to
open an image or picture editor like Microsoft Paint and then paste it)
+ E: Save Current Screen, the image is automatically saved at the Documents
folder, the GomPlayer folder sub directory.
+ 7: Set as wallpaper-Centered, that is set as desktop background
+ 8: Set as wallpaper-Tiled, that is set as desktop background
+ 9: Set as wallpaper-Stretched, that is set as desktop background
Using the Right Click Option
How to take
Click on the GOM Player window, Click on Video and then Click on either Make
snapshot or screenshot, Advanced Screen Capture, Capture Current Screen, Save
Current Screen and copy current frame.
Right Click Screenshot for GOM Player
with this, you have been able to take cool snapshot or screenshot of your
favourite spot or position in a movie or a video using the GOM Player.

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