VLC Media Player – Sync Subtitle to Audio or Video

How to sync (Synchronize) subtitle with VLC Media Player using Keyboard shortcut 

VLC (VideoLAN Client) is a very powerful and popular media player. It plays
almost if not all video and audio files throw at it. It is an excellent player
due to the fact that it is Open sourced and thus free use, modify.

VLC media player stands strong among major media player for Windows, Mac OSX,
Linux and even in the smartphone industry with its Android Application in the
Google Play Store.
VLC media player also allows users to download subtitle online and view
subtitle with video playing using the player, but most or sometimes, downloaded
subtitle are off sync with the video, that is some time the audio might be
faster than the subtitle or the subtitle faster than the audio.
the VLC media player has a way to solve this problem, in fact using Hotkeys or
Keyboard Shortcut Keys. But first let’s learn how to load subtitle into VLC
Media Player.
of all, launch the VLC media Player. (Open the video, you want to synchronize
(sync) the subtitle.
VLC Media Player
the Menu, Click on Subtitle and Click add subtitle file.
go to the location where downloaded subtitle was kept or where the subtitle
file is.
are going to use the h and g keys on our keyboard.
h stands
for subtitle delay up
g stands
for subtitle delay down
Use h
when the subtitle is faster and you want to slow it down and use g when the
subtitle is slower and you want to fasten it.
1000ms equal to 1 second
You will be pressing
the h and g keys till the subtitle files are synced and then you can keep on
enjoying you video watching experience.
do you see this process, cool or tedious?
prevent make sure you download subtitle file with the same name as you file,
the same audio type and the same quality( as in 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K) and
download subtitle with high Up vote.
VLC Media Player – Sync Subtitle to Audio or Video
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