How to Save Web Pages as PDF in Google Chrome

1.     Launch
the web browser.
2.     Open
the web page to save. For example
3.     Select
the three stripes at the top right of Google Chrome, Check below and Click on
CTRL + P (For the print).
Print Menu

4.     The
Print Menu will appear, by the left hand side of the Browser, on Destination,
Click on Change.
Print Dialog
5.     A
Dialog box will appear “Select a Destination”, On the Local Destination, Select
“Save as PDF”.
Select a Destination
6.     At
the left hand side, you will see “Print”, Click on “Save”.
7.     A
box will appear “Save as”, Select the location (where you want to save the file), the
File Name.
Save as
8.     Congratulations

Check the Video Tutorial below

How to Save Web Pages as PDF in Google Chrome
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