How to password or encrypt your Microsoft office Document (doc, docx, xps) and pdf to prevent editing.

Launch Microsoft office word by pressing Win
+ R, the Run dialog will

appear, type in winword and press enter or OK or you
could search for Microsoft Word after pressing the Window Button.

Run Window
Choose blank document or choose any other
style you wish to use to write the document.
Blank Document
Type in what you want to create as either a
doc, docx, xps or pdf file.
can check out my last tutorial on how to create pdf with Microsoft office word.
Click on File, Click on Save as, Choose
location to save, either on your onedrive, computer system or on the network
Save As
Enter file name, select save as type either
doc, docx, xps, pdf and other format available.
Click on tools close to Save and Select
General Options
A window will open, General Options, enter
password and click on OK
General options
The Restrict editing will open the right tab
of Microsoft Office word
Restrict editing
You select the editing restrictions, you
could also select parts of the document and choose users who are allowed to
freely edit them on the Exceptions (optional).
10)       Then
you click on Yes, Start Enforcing Protection.
Start Enforcing Protection
11)       The
start Enforcing protection window will open, enter password and also enter
another password to confirm
12)       Close
the Microsoft word and reopen the document and a password will be required in order
to edit the document when you  click on stop
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