How to install or upload a template in Blogger.

1.  Launch your browser, go
blogger and login into your account.

Login to Blogger
2.  On the left hand side
or the second to the last option on the left hand side, you will see Template,
Click on Template.
Blogger Template
3.  On the top right hand
corner, please click to backup/restore. You need to Back up your template, so
belong is a method to back up your template.

Blogger Back up or Restore

to back up your template?
1.  After clicking on
Template, go to the top right corner, Click on Backup/Restore
2.  A window will appear,
so to back up your template, click on Download full template
to install a template on blogger?
1.  After clicking on
Backup/Restore, Click on Browse.
Template Location
2.  A window will open,
Go to the location where the downloaded template is, select it and click on

3.  After clicking on
open, Click on Upload and then your template has been uploaded and installed.
Template Installed and Uploaded
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