VLC media Player – Increase Volume up to 300% (300 percent)

How to increase the volume of the VLC media Player to up to 300% (300 percent). Increase volume to more than 200 or 200 percent

This tutorial will assist you to increase the Volume of
the VLC media player to 300 % (300 percent). This is usually useful if you have
a poop quality audio file.

Disclaimer: Increasing the volume of the VLC media player
to maximum might affect the speaker of the Computer System (Laptop or built in
speaker in Desktop Computer).
Launch the VLC media player.
VLC Media Player

Click on tools on the menu bar, select
preferences OR press Ctrl + P on your keyboard.
VLC media player with Tools
At the lower left hand corner, you will see
show settings, simple is selected, check All to display all the settings.
VLC Simple Preferences
VLC All settings

On the left hand corner, you will see the
interface, expand the main interfaces.
VLC Main interface
Click on Qt.
On the right hand, scroll down to the last
and you will see Maximum Volume displayed, increase the value to get 300 or
type in 300 and click on save.
VLC Maximum Volume Displayed
Restart the VLC media Player. (that is close
the VLC media player and reopen it)
You will see that the volume has been
increased to 300 %.
VLC with 300 percent volume
is actually useful with video with low quality sound or audio.

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