How to Fix or Repair Broken, Damaged, Corrupt or Incomplete .AVI files with BandiFix.

BandiFix is a tool that comes with Bandicam (a Desktop,
Game recording

Software). It is a great tool that assist in the repairs of AVI
files. Due to Bandicam ability to record video as AVI format, it requires this
to fix damaged, corrupt or incomplete AVI videos which were recorded.
AVI stands for Audio Video Interleave is a video file
format developed by Microsoft for media player application. The AVI is a video
Some AVI files are sometimes corrupt, broken, damaged or
incomplete, so when they are played, they either play half way or just some
minutes or seconds out the actual length of the video when played with a Video
media player. This actually needs to be fixed or repaired before one is able to
watch complete or actual length of Video.
Today, we will be looking at how to automatically fix
corrupt, broken, incomplete AVI files with BandiFix.
1) Download
and Install Bandicam. (Bandicam is a shareware, but the BandiFix tool will work
even when Bandicam is not purchased)
2) Launch
BandiFix, either by searching for it or going to Bandicam directory and
launching it. 
3) The
BandiFix has a very simplistic UI (User interface), all you have to do is go to
the location where damaged or incomplete AVI file is and open with BandiFix.
AVI File location
4) It
automatically begins to repair the AVI file, and after the file has been fixed,
Process Complete will be displayed.
BandiFix in Action
BandiFix Process Complete
5) All
you have to do is go to the Location of AVI files that was fixed, you will find
another AVI File with almost the same name but will an additional suffix
Fixed with BandiFix
6) Hope
your AVI was successfully fixed and also checkout how VLC media player was used
to fix and repair damaged and incomplete AVI files.
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