How to Create or Write Subtitle or Captions Using Notepad or Any Text Editor

1) Launch
notepad or any text editor 

2) To Launch
Notepad, press Win + R, type in Notepad and press Enter
3) To start
writing the subtitle
You write
the subtitle in the form
Number – Number of subtitle are arranged serially
Time in the
format of Hour:Minute:Seconds,Milliseconds ( You can learn how to show
millisecond in a video in VLC or Using the Window Movie Maker )
Text (the
spoken words then written)
For Example
1 (Serial
— > 00:00:03,200 (Time)
Hello, Good
day and welcome to LatestSolution (Text for the Audio) 

Subtitle Written on Notepad

4) After
Writing all the Subtitle, You save the subtitle as a .srt file extension using
the UTF-8 encoding

Save Screen for Subtitle File

Some things
can be added to the subtitle using html tags
Like for
italics, the text becomes
Text is Written </i>
To change
font Color
color=”font number or color is added”> Text is written </font>
To make the
text bold
Text is Written </b>
Other html
tags could also be added to improve the beauty and add more meaning to the

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