VLC Media Player – Change Snapshot or Screenshot Format

How to change Snapshot or screenshot format in VLC Media Player to a preferred format (png, jpg, bmp)

(VideoLAN Client) Media Player can be used to capture snapshot or screenshot
while watching a video or a movie either using the advanced controls panel,
right clicking on VLC media player interfaces while video is playing or pause
and selecting take snapshot or using keyboard shortcut (which is the easiest),
you can check my tutorial on How to capture screenshot, screenshot or frame using the VLC Media Player.

we will be learning how to change the snapshot or screenshot format from the
default format which is usually the png format to a format of your choice,
either the jpg or tiff. 
follow the following steps to be able to change the default screenshot or
snapshot format to a format of your choice.
Launch the VLC Media player
VLC Media Player
Click on Tools on the menu bar, and click on Preferences OR press Ctrl + P on
your keyboard to go to VLC media player preferences.
The VLC Media player preferences window will open, the simple preferences.
VLC Simple Preferences
On the top menu, interface is selected by default (as it is the first choice),
Click on Video.
Check down, you will see Video snapshots, you will see format (Where Red box is
located in the image).
VLC Screenshot format
Expand the format options, there are three formats (png, jpg or tiff)
So you could select any format of your choice, either png, jpg or tiff.
Click on save below and thus the video snapshot format has been changed.
with this you have been able to change the default snapshot or screenshot format
in the VLC Media Player to a format of your choice.

comment below for any issues faced while going through this process.

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