How to carry out Batch, large or bulk resize of many or bulk images

Pictures and images are great, they are a part of us. From the days
of analog

cameras to digital cameras, we have always love photograph, Images and

Now, we are in the days of Selfies and Quality and
Efficient cameras like the DSLR ( ) which produce image at a larger resolution,
larger file size and better quality.
But then, we are faced with a problem, storage and
compatibility to lower end devices. Most especially storage of images have now
left us to the extent of removing irrelevant metadata from objects or images as
the case is here. So in order to reduce the file size of Images, one of the
things that could be taken into consideration is resizing the images, this will
reduce the file size but maintain quality of images.
Today we will looking at how to resize bulk images using
1)   Let’s
go and get IrfanView, You can get it by Clicking on this Link (IrfanView).
2)   After
downloading the program, you install it on your computer System.
3)   Then
you launch the program, IrfanView.
4)   On
the Menu bar, Click on File and then go down and Click on Batch Conversion or
Rename OR you could press B on your keyboard to Launch Batch Conversion or
IrfanView File Menu
5)   A
window will open, Batch Conversion.

Batch Conversion
6)   To
carry out batch, large or bulk resize of various images, go down and check use
advanced options (for bulk resize).
7)   Then
You Click on Advanced.
Use Advanced options for Bulk Resize
8)   A
window will open, Set for all Images, Check RESIZE in the window and enter
preferred width or height of image required. (The default is in Pixels, you can
also select cm or inches)
irfanView Set for all images
9)   After
entering desired width and height, you could also check and other settings that
might favour your image by trying it out, then Click on OK
10)       Then
next when you return to the Batch Conversion Window, You can set it to either
Batch Conversion, Batch Rename or Batch conversion and Rename and then you
select the output format.

11)       On
the Right hand side, you then load all the images, go to the file location
where the images are located and load them and select all the images you want
to batch resize.
irfanView Loading File
TIP: You can click on Add below, then go to
another location to get other images.
12)       Then
go to Output directory for result files and click on Browse below, to select
where resize images to be kept.
13)       Then
Click on Start Batch.
14)       The
Batch Conversion done window will open, then it show the process, till it
completes the resizing.
Batch Conversion Done
15)       Then
Click on Exit batch and go to the output directory to get Resized file.
How to carry out Batch, large or bulk resize of many or bulk images
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