DivX Player Keyboard Shortcut or Hotkeys

DivX Player Keyboard Shortcut or Hotkeys to navigate and use Div X Player faster and more efficiently.
DivX Player Keyboard Shortcut or Hotkeys
It is a shareware video player, but it has one with less features for free. It is a great player that supports almost all video formats and codecs.
Price: Shareware, but has a free version with limited functionality.

DivX Player

Below are some of the top keyboard shortcut or hotkeys one should know and keep using with the DivX Player.

1. Space

2. Ctrl + S
Taking Snapshot

3. Ctrl + 4
Full Screen

4. Up arrow
Volume up

5. Down arrow
Volume down

6. Left arrow
Five (5) seconds Backward

7. Right arrow
Five (5) seconds Forward

8. Ctrl + Left arrow
Rewind or Backward

9. Ctrl + Right arrow
Fast Forward

10. Ctrl + A
Always on Top

11. Ctrl + U
Open URL

12. Ctrl + 1
Normal size

13. Ctrl + 2
Half size

14. Ctrl + 3
Double Size

15. M

16. Ctrl + P

17. Ctrl + Shift + W
Close present Window

18. Ctrl + Q or Alt + F4
To quit or exit

19. Ctrl + O
Open Video

Hope with this, you have been able to use the DivX Player more efficiently, effectively and faster.

Comment Below, to tell us which keyboard shortcut or hotkey to be added to the list. Thanks

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