Bomi Player Keyboard Shortcut or Hotkeys

Bomi Player Keyboard Shortcut or Hotkeys Every User need to knowBomi Player
It is a free video player. It is a great player that supports almost all video formats and codecs.
Price: Free

In order to check out all the keyboard shortcut and hotkeys present in the Bomi Player. Please follow the following instructions below:

1) Launch Bomi Player

bomi player

2) Press P on your keyboard to go to Preferences OR Right click on the bomi screen, Click on Tools and then click on Preferences.

bomi tools

3) A window will open, named Preferences bomi.

bomi preferences

4) On the left hand corner, check down, you will see Keyboard shortcut, Click on it and this interface will appear.

bomi keyboard shortcut

5) The window that appear has all the list of keyboard shortcut and hotkeys available for the Bomi Player. You could also create your personalized keyboard shortcut and hotkeys by clicking on either from shortcut 1 to shortcut 4 and choosing preferred keyboard keys to be used.

Below are some of the top keyboard shortcut or hotkeys one should know and keep using with the Bomi Player.

1. Space

2. Ctrl + S
Taking Snapshot

3. F or Enter (Return)
Full Screen

4. Up arrow
Volume up

5. Down arrow
Volume down

6. ]
Audio Delay increase (+0.2 seconds)

7. [
Audio delay decrease (-0.2 seconds)

8. Left arrow
Five (5) seconds Backward

9. Right arrow
Five (5) seconds Forward

10. End
Sixty (60) Seconds backward

11. Home
Sixty (60) Seconds Forward

12. Pgdown or pd dn
Thirty (30) seconds backward (rewind)

13. Pgup or pg up
Thirty (30) seconds forward

14. Backspace
Normal Speed

15. + or =
10% speed of video

16. – or _
10% speed of video

17. Ctrl + Shift + S
Snapshot tools.

18. M

19. P

20. D
Subtitle delay + 2.0 Seconds

21. A
Subtitle delay – 2.0 Seconds

22. S
Take subtitle up by 1%

23. W
Take subtitle down by 1%

24. Shift + Left arrow
Previous line of subtitle

25. Shift + Right arrow
Next line of subtitle

26. Ctrl + W
Close present Window

27. Ctrl + Q or Alt + F4
To quit

Hope with this, you have been able to use the Bomi Player more efficiently, effectively and faster.

Comment Below, to tell us which keyboard shortcut or hotkey to be added to the list. Thanks

Bomi Player Keyboard Shortcut or Hotkeys
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